Selected media highlights include ...




  • 2014 Bioneers Radio Program, September 11, 2014, Jay Harman and Janine Benyus interview. Listen to the episode
    Episode WON THE 2015 BRONZE AWARD in the New York Festivals' World's Best Radio Programs!

  • Michael Krasny's Forum radio program, September 11, 2014, Jay Harman featured in episode. Listen to Forum

  • Terrence McNally's radio series Stories of a World that Just Might Work, Interview with Jay Harman, 11/3/13

  • If You Love This Planet, July 5, 2012, Jay Harman interviewed by Dr. Helen Caldicott.

  • Elemental (Go Project Films), premiered October 2012, Mill Valley Film Festival.

  • NBC, 11/19/11 Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, by Balcony films (Julie Bergman Sender and Stuart Sender).

  • Innovators (Bloomberg TV), Designed by Nature,” aired April 29, 2010, hosted by Matt Miller

  • Brink (Science Channel), aired July 27, 2009, “Inspired by Nature,” hosted by Josh Zepps

  • Business with Passion (Many Good Ideas/cable access), aired March 9, 2009, hosted by Jay Hamilton-Roth

  • Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream, “An Emerging Dream” segment, the Pachamama Alliance, 2008

  • Carbon Nation, a film by Peter Byck; premiered 2010

  • The California Report (radio), aired September 15, 2006, “Bio-Mimicry: A Different Kind of Intelligent Design” segment (producer, Andrea Kissack)