Scientists, philosophers, and artists have been captivated by fluid flow for centuries, but PAX Scientific CEO Jay Harman is the first to isolate the geometries that underlie natural flow and adapt those geometries to technology. He started by asking the question, “If fluids always tend to follow a particular path, is there a way to design equipment that takes advantage of this fact?”

The answer to Jay’s question is nature’s Streamlining Principle. This approach translates nature's flow efficiencies into streamlined design geometries. PAX can then employ these geometries to significantly improve the performance, output, and energy use of a wide range of technology. This conscious emulation of natural solutions, dubbed biomimicry by author Janine Benyus, gives PAX distinct commercial advantages.

Jay first applied these nature-inspired principles to boat design, producing the award-winning Goggleboat and WildThing series of watercraft. In 1997, PAX Scientific was founded to bring the exceptional efficiencies of natural flow to fluid-handling technology including fans, mixers, pumps, turbines, and heat exchangers.

Our Mission

PAX Scientific's mission is to translate nature's efficiencies into innovative technology applications. We envision a world in which nature-inspired design provides benefits to every industry, by developing more benign tools that use less energy and materials while giving greater performance.

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