Water and Wastewater Treatment

A subsidiary of PAX Scientific, PAX Water Technologies holds the license to market PAX Scientific's water and wastewater treatment solutions, including the PAX Water Mixer. PAX Water Technologies’ first entry into the market is an efficient mixing system for use in municipal water storage tanks.

Water utilities face a variety of challenges in maintaining water quality. A leading cause of water quality deterioration in storage tanks is high water age, often caused by underutilization, thermal stratification and inlet/outlet pipe configuration. Under these conditions, especially in the thermally isolated upper layers of a tank, water ages and can completely lose its disinfectant residual. This disinfectant is often the final barrier protecting the consumers from microbial contaminants and harmful bacteria.

The PAX Water Mixer uses proprietary PAX technology to completely mix water storage tanks. PAX Water Technologies has the industry’s most powerful and efficient mixing system, which is able to circulate 10 million gallons with the same energy footprint as three 100-watt light bulbs. The system's “Lily” impeller fully blends new water entering the tank with the stored water already sitting inside the tank to thoroughly distribute disinfectant and keep water temperature consistent throughout the tank.

To learn more about PAX Water Technologies, visit their web site.

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