PAX Scientific is an engineering research and development firm that specializes in finding innovative, streamlined solutions for fluid-related industrial problems. PAX's streamlined technologies offer improved equipment design with streamlined fluid movement that provides competitive market advantages:

  • better management of turbulence and reduced friction and drag
  • reduced noise and increased energy efficiency for fluid-handling equipment
  • improved heat transfer and reduced pressure for thermal management products

PAX Scientific has licensed a number of companies to commercialize these technologies. There are several ways to work with PAX companies to achieve these benefits:

  • Joint development programs allow clients to work closely with our engineering team to achieve desired improvements in the application. The clients can then license the resulting design.
  • For established applications designs, we consider exclusive and master licenses on a case-by-case basis. We also work with the licensees to optimize the application's design to their specifications.
  • For certain applications, we identify strategic investment or corporate partners to launch market-specific subsidiaries or joint venture companies to commercialize PAX technology designs.

The company

PAX Scientific's focus is research and development of intellectual property related to the Streamlining Principle as well as support of its subsidiaries:

  • PAX Fan commercializes PAX Scientific's fan designs in the industrial, domestic, computer, and automotive markets.
  • PAX Water Technologies commercializes technologies for water and wastewater management.
  • PAX Mixer markets industrial mixing technologies (other than water or wastewater mixers), and researches atmospheric mixing.
  • PAX Pure develops revolutionary desalinization technology.