Selected media highlights include ...




  • If You Love This Planet, July 5, 2012, Jay Harman interviewed by Dr. Helen Caldicott.
  • Elemental  (Go Project Films), premiered October 2012, Mill Valley Film Festival.
  • NBC, 11/19/11 Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, by Balcony films (Julie Bergman Sender and Stuart Sender).
  • Innovators (Bloomberg TV), Designed by Nature,” aired April 29, 2010, hosted by Matt Miller      
  • A World of Possibilities, Designing with Nature,” aired December 1, 2009, hosted by Mark Sommer  
  • Bioneers Radio: "Episode 2: True Biotechnologies"
  •, PAX Lily impeller clip
  • Brink (Science Channel), aired July 27, 2009, “Inspired by Nature,” hosted by Josh Zepps
  • Business with Passion (Many Good Ideas/cable access), aired March 9, 2009, hosted by Jay Hamilton-Roth
  • Next Steps (KGO TV San Francisco), aired November 2, 2008, "Drive to Discover," hosted by Richard Hart
  • Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream, “An Emerging Dream” segment, the Pachamama Alliance, 2008
  • Carbon Nation, a film by Peter Byck; premiered 2010
  • Terra, podcast 346, “Bioneers 2007,” Part Two, October 22, 2007
  • The California Report (radio), aired September 15, 2006, “Bio-Mimicry: A Different Kind of Intelligent Design” segment (producer, Andrea Kissack)
  • Thom Hartmann Show (radio), aired November 2005
  • Studio 360 (radio), aired July 23, 2005, “Design for the Real World” segment (producer, Mary Stucky)
  • Coast Live Oak (radio), aired January 2005